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Reflexology – More than a foot massage

6 April 2017

Every day we submit our feet to constant stress and weight that can eventually takes its toll not only on our feet and but also on our overall health. In our feet there are thousands of tiny nerves called reflexes. By pressing on these reflexes meticulously and methodically it is possible to eliminate stress on your feet and bring about overall health benefits.

Reflex relax

Reflexology can bring tremendous health benefits by applying finger pressure on your feet,: from getting a sense of deep relaxation and stress relief to rebalance your entire body, on the physical, mental and emotional levels and creating a state of homeostasis. Reflexology helps the body to a better functioning (internal organs and systems) by increasing blood circulation, giving additional oxygen and nutrients to cells and encouraging body waste removal. People have reported getting better sleep, better digestion, uplifted mood, less pain, better blood circulation from the first therapy session.

Relieving health issues

Reflexology is a Complementary Therapy used widely nowadays. Research has shown that Reflexology has a significant impact on relieving pain, anxiety, headache/migraine, PMS and gynecological problems, backache, arthritis, fatigue MN and MS, Facial Palsy, digestive disorder, chronic sinusitis, infantile bronchial asthma, insomnia and improving kidney function. It has also a huge impact on stress relief and stress related disease. Reflexology as a holistic therapy treats not only the physical but the mental and emotional too. Studies have shown there is a correlation between stress and illness. Reflexology helps bringing the body into balance and feeling again renewed and invigorated.

How many Sessions?

Usually from the first therapy session very good results with stress reduction are achieved already. Anne recommends that people with a specific health issue to consult their GP firstt before taking Reflexology therapy. The benefits of Reflexology can last from one to several weeks. During a Reflexology therapy session the client remains fully clothed and lies on a comfortable couch after shoes and socks are removed. As a complementary therapy Reflexology doesn’t replace conventional treatment neither give any diagnose.

A Reflexologist knows exactly by applying some pressure on some specific areas and points on feet the correspondence on the body areas and how to induce relaxation, reduce stress levels and put the body and the person back into balance. The entire foot, ankle and lower leg are worked meticulously using thumb, fingers and hand.

People are encouraged to state if there is a specific problem for the Reflexologist to emphasize the treatment on corresponding part of the body. Nevertheless the Reflexologist will work all areas on the foot thus releasing any congestion areas, create balance, relaxation and well-being.

What to expect?

People can feel sleepy or having a lot of energy after a Reflexology therapy session. They feel completely stress free and peaceful. Also, they can feel their body warmer from having the energy flowing more freely in their body.

Drinking water is recommended after a Reflexology therapy session and listening to your body as you will return naturally to a state of complete balance and harmony is also advised.

As benefits can be observed and build up after each therapy session several Reflexology therapy sessions in one week interval are better than once in a while and will give positive results on your overall health and well-being.

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