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Reflexology for seasonal allergy relief

13 April 2017

Along with Spring comes seasonal allergies and sinus problems for many. Many of us will have to deal with sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy throats and coughing. The good news is Reflexology can actually help eliminate seasonal allergy symptoms so you can enjoy the beautiful weather and spend plenty of time outdoors.

What’s happening?

Seasonal allergies occur when outdoor molds release their spores, pollen floats in the air, flowers bloom, weeds pop up, trees bloom and many other plants start to grow. Those are called allergens. To defend your body your immune system releases antibodies that cause the cells to send out histamine and other chemicals which in turn trig the allergy symptoms.

What do you experience?

Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, itchy nose, itchy eyes, itchy throat, coughing, excess of mucus and nasal congestion are some of the symptoms you may experience. It can make breathing and night sleep difficult therefore making you feel more tired which in turn may make your body more vulnerable to stress and infection over the season.

What can Reflexology do for you?

Reflexology can help you relieve seasonal allergy symptoms by strengthening your body and reducing stress. Since stress increases allergic reactions and since Reflexology is excellent to reduce stress* you will get positive results on both.

(*) see Serene Reflexology’s article Reflexology For Stress Relief

Four basic reflexology techniques for allergy relief

Apply the Reflexology techniques below for five seconds on each hand.

reflexology for allergy relief by Serene Reflexology

Press the point located in the palm of your hand below the thumb and the index finger

hand reflexology for seasonal allergy relief by Serene Reflexology

Press the fingers tips to relieve sinus pain and nasal congestion for five seconds on each hand

hand reflexology to fight allergy by Serene Reflexology in Ireland

Press the web between each finger to stimulate the immune system to fight infection

allergy relief reflexology by Serene Reflexology

Press the acupressure point located below the index and the middle finger

A word of caution. This is not a sequence for pregnant women as some acupressure points can be used in labour induction.

Combining Foot Reflexology with Indian Head Massage

The combination of Reflexology with Indian Head Massage works wonders to relieve sinus congestion. The application of Indian Head Massage causes sinus drainage and eases the Reflexology treatment on those areas linked to the sinus as to eliminate nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms.

Other Recommendation

In order to improve the efficiency of treatment for allergy relief looking after your diet is important. A good diet helps control allergic reactions by boosting your immune system and limiting mucus production.

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